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Jesus Light of the WorldThe thing about traveling as much as I do is that it is very easy to get lost. I’ve been lost in about every city in every state I’ve ever been in. How many of you can say that?

I got turned around coming out of the Atlanta airport the other night and even though the road signs pointed in one direction, I just knew in my bones that wasn’t the right way to go. So I made a U-turn and went the way my gut told me to go and turns out I was right.

“Bad signage,” I said to my sister-in-law. It’s a terminology I use alot. I stole it from Shelby who stole it from an essay that author Bob Welch wrote.

Life can be like that. Full of bad signage.You think you are headed down the right path and then you find out, ohmygosh, where was it I was headed? Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point in Atlanta, says that it’s our direction, not our intention, that determines our destination.

If one of your destinations, however, is this blog, please take note. My website has undergone a change. One for the better, I hope. I hate to do this to you, but please make note of the new website: karenzach.com.

This blog will be appearing at the new site from here on out. For those of  you who have this bookmarked, all you have to do is to shorten it by taking out the “wordpress.”  So please join the discussions at karenzach.com

Hopefully, you’ll like the new direction I’ve taken.


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Shelby. bus

Shelby and I took a quick tour around Fairhaven, a historic area above the bay, just south of Bellingham. It was a beautiful day, a nice drive up.


One of the gals that Shelby works with now used to work here.

Courtyard (2)

Murals grace many of the village’s buildings.


The bookstore overlooks this courtyard where we saw children playing Red Rover.


We even found the bookmobile. As a child, I loved when the bookmobile came by the trailer park. It was always a place to cool down (thanks to the van’s AC) and to take in the sweet smell of books. (Try replicating that, Kindle.)


Shelby found a beautiful dress that I would have bought for her but she said it was like wearing a corset — she could only take short breaths.


But, gosh, she looked just like an 1940s movie star in it.


As you enter Village Bookstore, there are these wonderful quotes right by the doors.



Lots of folks turned out and they asked some really challenging questions. I wish I could have taken them all out for coffee afterwards.

Carol F.

But instead I followed Carol out to Bayview Cemetery where I visited the gravesite of Agnes Ferngren. Where’s Your Jesus Now? is dedicated in part to Agnes, the woman who taught me the skill of nurturing and homemaking.

Agnes (2)

When I first attended Oregon State University, I lived with Agnes and her three daughters. Gary, an OSU prof still, was on teaching ship for the term. Shelby and I are going to visit one of those girls today. Anne-Marie is now grown and the mother of six children herself. The last a set of twin girls.


As we drove away, Shelby snapped this shot of the sun setting.

There is so much more to tell you about last night but I made a promise to not share the story until the other party involved is ready for me to share it. But as I stood at the foot of Agnes’s grave I wept over the way in the incredible, intricate ways in which God redeems our lives. Ways that do not diminsh the grace of the Cross but reiterates it.

Thanks to David at Village Books and to all of you who came out, especially to those of you who came long distances, physically and emotionally, to be part of the Village event.

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