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Uncle Buck and Tay just got back from Alaska but before they left they planned a surprise 50th birthday party for Sister Tater. Tay made a wonderful Smurf cake. When Uncle Buck and Sister Tater were first dating they collected Smurfs and gave them to each other as gifts. Tay remembered her mom telling that story so she made a Smurf cake.


Uncle Buck, a former cook with the Coast Guard, planned all the food.

Linda. Surprise

Mannie brought his mama. Tater was completely surprised. Her first words were,”I’m not even fixed up.” That Southern speak for I don’t have my face on.

Gabe & me

I found a fella to hang with. This little guy is Gabe. He was named for my nephew Gabe.

Brothers and Baby

That’s Gabe on the left and Mannie on the right. This is with their baby cousin once removed. Sister Tater runs a daycare/preschool for the church so her kids love babies.

Pastor Myron praying

Pastor Myron led the prayer and asked God to give Sister Tater another 50.

Linda, me, Gabe

Yes. She really is my sister. And yes, we really have the same father and mother.

Linda. Pinata

Sister Tater is dangerous with a baseball bat.

Linda with cake

But give her a cake and she’s all smiles.


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