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As I read this interview with Payne Stewart’s widow, I was reminded of all the war widows I’ve met over the years — those from World War II, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq.  I would love to met the counselor and/or journalist who first thought up the notion that “time heals all wounds.”

I’ve long said that time only makes me aware of all the life my father missed out on — the weddings, the graduations, the babies he never got to hold, the glorious sunrises, and all those fish he never got to catch.

When I was young I thought of all that his death cost me.

Now I think of all that his death cost him.

And I think of all the women I know who are like Payne Stewart’s widow — hanging in there for their childrens’ sakes.

I wish we would quit marginalizing death.

It is our greatest enemy.

Always has been. Always will be.

Time does not heal such wounds. But what time does do is provide us with opportunity to make our lives count in ways that make our loved ones — those here and those passed — proud.


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