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On my recent trip to Grand Rapids, I had coffee with a gal I’d met through FaceBook. (Don’t worry, we met at a public place, early in the morning, very early, and there were lots of people around.) Diane had recently made a trip to Portland but I was still enroute from North Carolina so I missed her when she was in my neck of the woods. Figured I’d look her up while I was in her neck of the woods. She’s a teacher by profession so we had to meet before class. Now you understand me when I say we met early.

We had a very enjoyable visit. She’s the one who showed me those wonderful tattoos of the ladybugs on her feet, remember?

Zondervan. 2009 010


Over coffee we discussed other things besides her feet. We talked about Mars Hill, the church that Diane attends. Diane was a little reluctant to talk about her church. That’s because her pastor, Rob Bell, is the Elvis of pastors these days. His unconventional ways have earned him both national and critical acclaim. I suspect Diane is a bit like Priscilla was at one time — weary of all the attention. So she kind of deflected, in a gentle way, the questions I asked that morning.

But now Diane has written a beautiful piece about why she loves her church. In a world where we hear so much criticism about churches and their failures, it’s great to hear about a community of believers who are really trying to get it right. You can read Diane’s essay here. Don’t miss it.

It’ll rock you.


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Tap and Go

Many of the men who follow this blog give me a lot of grief about my driving. One even sent me a GPS to keep me on the straight and narrow. It was a very thoughtful gift, but, unfortunately, it does not let you know where the police are hiding. I heard Kellie Pickler talk about how she got out of a ticket and I could sooo relate to her. Not only about the ticket, but just about the storytelling of that episode as well. Enjoy!

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