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After we talked the other day, the Internet Monk put up a post about the Prosperity Gospel. He asked his readers to help identify which of the ministries are or are not part of the PG. I want to take his question one step further in a Riddle me this Batman way.  Feel free to give just yes or no answers or to ‘splain yo’self. C’mon now, be honest.

Do you feel God’s favor upon your life when you:

1. Get the job you’ve been beggin’ for.

2. Get a raise.

3. Get any unexpected sum of cash.

4. Get a parking lot downtown.

5. Narrowly escape the car crash that sent two others off in ambulances.

6. Get a clean bill of health from the biopsy.

7. Visit a poverty-stricken region of this country or another.

8. Walk past a street person panhandling.

9. Hold a newborn.

10. Walking into church services.

11. When your team wins the game.

12. Get a good item on sale.

13. Look in the mirror.

14. See a disfigured or handicapped person at the store.

15. Read your bible.

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