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Here’s the disclaimer: I did not watch the Miss USA Pageant that has all the gossips blogging.  (me included).
But the fallout from Miss California’s answer to the question posed by gossip creep Perez Hilton has hit all the airwaves (apparently the war has become too ho-hum for primetime).

The problem I have isn’t with Perez’s question. It’s a valid one. Or even with Miss California’s answer. It was an honest, albeit inarticulate, one. What has stuck in my craw is that Perez, outraged over Miss California’s answer (even though he denies that he took issue with her stance), called the contestant a bitch.

If that wasn’t in bad enough taste, then he went on MSNBC and defended his name-calling.

“I was thinking the “C”-word,” he said, adding with a laugh, that hey, at least he didn’t go that far.

But he did.

The moment he told MSNBC’s news anchor that he had toned down his remarks by calling Miss California a bitch instead of the “C” word (and I’m assuming here that he’s not referring to her title but a pejorative and I might note a truly offensive term for the female anatomy).

And so what happens when a judge for the pageant acts so crass?

He lands a spot on Larry King Live where he acts like the jerk that he really is — suggesting that he really would like to take Miss California out for coffee. This only hours after he’s gone on national television and the worldwide web and declared that he wanted to call her the “C” word?

Listen, I don’t care what your position is on gay marriage, there is absolutely no excuse for Perez Hilton’s behavior in a civilized society. But then, again, that’s suggesting that we are one and there is so much proof to the contrary right now.

I suspect there are a lot of folks out there who don’t want Perez Hilton to be their mouthpiece. This is exactly the sort of hateful antics that lose Gays & Lesbians footing within the conservative community.

Perez Hilton isn’t a voice for anyone.

He’s just a foul-mouthed loudmouth.  

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