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A life wasted

It was this line that captured me: ” I repented for fighting my father for so many years and wasting so many opportunities to know him better.”

The fellow who wrote that line was speaking about the tears he shed at his father’s funeral a few years back. Tears of shame and regret. Sorrowful tears.

He was speaking of his father but he could just have easily been speaking on behalf of all of us and the way we treat God. We waste so much time railing against the world and the God who created it. We want to argue over theology and the meaning behind free will vs. predestination. We argue over post and pre trib. We are indignant about the injustices thrust upon us through death or chaos or, usually, most often, our own foolish choices.

Instead of spending time, getting to know God better, we go through life pissed off at him.

Until that day comes when we realize how foolish we’ve been. How much time we’ve wasted being indignant. Us. The pot. Angry with the Pottery who made us. Always wanting to pick a fight because we know better than He who crafted us.

Or we think we do.

For me that day came in a manioc field in Vietnam.

That’s really the place where I layed all those burdens down.

That knapsack of anger I’d been lugging through life.

What about you?

What are you angry at God about?

Bono, the author of that line above, wrote an excellent piece, Do you know where your soul is?  Read it.

Bono was repent over the years he wasted being angry with his father.

I’m wondering how many years we waste being angry with God.

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