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For all you writers out there, check out Bob Welch’s beach weekend.

It’s a great opportunity to learn some new skills, to meet other writers and to learn from one of the Northwest’s finest writers. Tell Bob I sent you.

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Happy 50th Birthday

Today is Aunt Gloria’s 50th birthday.

I asked Tim last night how it felt to have his baby sister turn 50. He shrugged and said it wasn’t any sweat off his nose or something to that effect.

I did note a glint of glee in his eyes, though.That old misery loves company sort of glee.

I, personally, can’t imagine that Gloria is that old. I can’t imagine that I am even older than that.

Sister Tater feels the same way. When we were on the road trip she made the comment that she couldn’t believe how much everyone had aged and wondered if they all thought the same thing about us.

The answer is yes, Tater, they do.

I asked my friend Lillian that after we’d been to a luncheon together in B’ham. Lillian is in her 80s, as was most everyone else at the luncheon. I asked Lillian later if she sometimes looked around the room and wondered what she was doing hanging out with all those old ladies. She laughed and said she did.

It’s a law of nature that the person we see in the mirror is always younger than the person others see when they are looking at us.

When Sister Tater wanted us to pose for a photo together this weekend I made the remark about awful we’d look, given all the other beautiful neices around us.

She said, “Hey, twenty years from now we’ll be looking back at these photos and thinking how good we looked.”

She’s r ight.

Keep that in mind, Gloria.

Fifty might seem old but when you’re 80 it’s going to seem so young…

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We spent Easter weekend at the beach where Mama and Sister Tater live. It rains so much there even the tulips rust. Easter weekend was no different. It didn’t just rain, it rained enough to drown small animals. Then there was howling wind to add to the scene. Now I know why they set that vampire book, Twillight, on the Olympic Pennisula. Living in that weather long enough would drive me batty.


We went to early service with Mama and Sister Tater’s family. Shelby was the only one of our four kids who could join us. This is not exactly my vision for a Resurrection Sunday but that’s the thing about faith, isn’t it? Trusting even when the skies are gloomy.


Everyone got their groove on for the praise and worship. We filled up two rows of seats because, as pastor put it, our “big family.” What exactly does he mean by that? I asked Sister Tater.


Uncle Bubba, Sister Tater, and Tim.

easter2009-005Nephew  Mannie and his wife, Nicole.

easter2009-004Nephew Gabe and cuz Shelby.

easter2009-009Me & Mama.

easter2009-008And Taylor, my neice.

easter2009-011And the lovely Shelby

easter2009-013And the ever-youthful Tim.

easter2009-010After church we all sat around the house, chatting until dinner was ready. I made the biscuits which I decided was what the Israelites ate — southern biscuits. Tracey made the ham. Tater made the turkey. We had pies, cakes, and shortcake. Within half-an-hour of eating Tater’s house looked like a scene from Jonestown…



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