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Gun control

Up in arms again. And the mail is pouring in:

Ms Zacharias,
Please pull your head out of the sand long enough to understand the isuue of American citizens’ right to own/carry firearms and the efforts of the “Brady Bunch” to curtail it.
In societies with no such right ,criminals can and do acquire their weapon of choice.  With a defenseless citizenry, crime rates rise (look it up – it’s indisputable).  Our Founders inherently didn’t trust the government they established.  They recognized the potential for abuse of power.  As such they provided us with the 2nd Amendment right to own firearms in the event that we may eventually seek to overthrow the same type of tyranny over which they prevailed.
Your arguments and those of the other “antis” are rationalizations for your hatred of firearms.  Blaming all of these shootings on firearms is like blaming misspelling on the pencil.
R. Appel, MD
Yes dear, it’s that Mr. Darby again.  Re:  your column in today’s Fayetteville Observer.

As best I can decipher, your husband wants to buy a gun to protect his family and you are
telling us to stay out of the Pinecrest Inn if he does.  Is that about it?

Best regards,

Mr. Darby


Regarding article in today’s FO:

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So whenever someone asks what route we took I tell them “The Sunshine Route.”

oregon2009-013We followed the sun wherever it was shining. The goal was to stay warm for as long as possible. We were like migratory birds avoiding the cold. The only snow we hit was in New Mexico which is about the last place I’d expect to find it in April. I would wake up in the mornings and check the weather report of different routes. We took the sunniest route possible for as long as possible. Adhering to one of my favorite tunes — “Stay on the Sunnyside of Life.”

oregon2009-017We kept the sunroof open as much as we could possibly stand it.  Just because it’s sunny out doesn’t mean it’s warm. The folks at church this morning were quick to point out that it has not been sunny here in Oregon and that I must have brought the sunshine with me. I would have tied a rope around it and strung it along like a kite if I could.

oregon2009-006It was an absolutely perfect day to drive into Oregon. Not a cloud in the sky.

oregon2009-012But snowcapped mountain peaks awaited us around every bend.


We crossed the Oregon border around 3 p.m.


And stopped in Medford to see a friend from ages past, Julie J.I don’t even want to think about how long it has been since I last saw my former OSU buddy. Let’s just say not long enough that we didn’t recognize each other but so long our eyesight is failing. We enjoyed our visit, brief as it was. And left with gifts that Julie brought us. Photos of wildlife from Arizona. Julie is headed to Sedona on Thursday. Wish she’d pack me in the trunk…

oregon2009-0011We didn’t get out of Medford until much later than anticipated due to a mix up in meeting with Aunt Kat,  Uncle Roy’s wife. We finally found each other on the far side of beyond and had a very brief visit in the parking lot of McDs. It was 5:30 when we got back on the road and we had miles yet to go, but the sunset was worth the delay.


And we made one last detour along our way. We stopped in Albany to visit Connie Henricks, who had spent the day in the sunshine — the sunshine I’d roped and strung along. She was worried about her hair but I told her it looked beautiful and made her pose for a photo anyway. Then Sister Tater led us in a prayer and we were on the road again. We reached Portland at 10 p.m. Greg was waiting for us in the parking lot with a cooler full of crabmeat and clams. He and Sister Tater left for Washington and I turned the car east. Tim met me halfway with Poe. We switched cars and Poe’s whining kept me awake for the ride on into Hermiston. We pulled in the driveway around 2 a.m. but then Poe bolted and Tim spent the next hour driving the neighborhood looking for our wayward dog and trying not to wake up the neighbors or get shot for trespassing in the meantime. I’d stay to chat some more but I have unpacking to do.

Thank you for your prayers for a safe journey. It’s been an adventuresome year but  I’m home now.


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