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Yes. I do have a GPS. (Thank you, Doc). And yes, we do have an Atlas. And yes, I do know that to get to Oregon from North Carolina one needs to head west and then make a hard right north. And no, going from North Carolina to Florida isn’t the quickest route to Oregon. But, well, Lewis & Clark didn’t always take the most direct route either, still, they managed to do just fine, thank you very much. (Not discounting the disease and death). So far we’ve been able to avoid any such mishaps. The wagon hasn’t lost any wheels but the headlights are giving me fits.

I have put off turning north for about as long as I possibly can. Yesterday, we even took a detour south again. With good reason, however. Daughter Ashley had just been to Sedona, Az. as had Sister Tater’s pastor and his wife. So instead of staying the night west of Flagstaff, we turned south and came on down to Sedona for the night. If you ever get the chance to detour to Sedona for any reason at all, do it.

sedona2009-005This was the first thing we saw as we drove into the Painted Desert region. Ashley called to say that this is a popular place for folks to see UFOs. There is even a UFO shop in town. Sister Tater and I plan to visit it today. I’ve reported on Crop Circles and even have an article hanging in the museum in Roswell so others have told me. I’ve never been there myself. But I did tell Ash that if I were an alien this is the place I’d like to visit. I figure even space creatures need a respite from their travels from time to time.

sedona2009-007There are two things you don’t want to miss in Sedona — sunset and sunrise. I caught them both. Depending on where the light hits the scenery is completely different. Here is me in one spot and Sister Tater just to the right of me. The photos were taken within a couple of minutes of each other. One looks orange. The other lavender.

sedona2009-008See what I mean? And the wildlife can be heard from all around. Sounds of birds I don’t know and creatures I can’t see. I did, however, come across these fellows this morning when I went out to catch the sunrise.

sedona2009-022If my buddy Gordon were with me he’d probably be shooting them. Gordon used to call me when he went rabbit hunting. He’d hold out the phone and say, “Hear my dogs?” His beagles would be a barking.

sedona2009-032I came across this creature this morning too. He’s one of the many bronzed sculptures that grace the landscape around Sedona.



sedona2009-014This is Sister Tater’s favorite photo taken from the trip. It’s more evidence of God’s creativity. God used the full box of crayons when he painted this canyon around Sedona. God even used a different color palette when he crafted Sister Tater and me, but he designed us both with a special purpose in mind. How can one stand in this canyon and say which rock formation is more beautiful than the other? They are all stunning and have a glory all their own. Just like each of us. We were all designed to reflect the Risen Light. When we stand perfectly still and allow that to happen the results are breathtaking.


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Sue had a wonderful meal waiting in Norman, Okla.  Afterwards Linda stayed to visit with the family while I scooted out to visit with Beth G. and her son Mitchell. I first met Beth at Fort Stewart, Ga. not long after her husband Allan was killed. She showed me his tree on the Freedom Walk. We’ve been in touch ever since. Her sister happens to live in the same town as us in Oregon. Beth just relocated to Norman, where like Toby Keith, she grew up. I often say that with the veteran community the way it is there is hardly a town I can go to where I don’t run into someone I know. That’s been the case since 2003. Now, of course, that veteran community includes many war widows and children. Beth built a home in Norman and shortly after she moved in the neighbor across the street lost her husband in Iraq. Military families are in nearly every community.


As we left Norman the winds picked up. They were so strong I had just turned to Linda and said, “Why is that Doublewide out here? It ought to be against the law in this wind.” I had no more said that than a gust picked up the front trailer and blew it down the embankment, sending the semi hauling it over on its side. Gracefully, none of the drivers directly in front of me hit the semi. Worried about the trucks cresting the hill behind me, I pulled as far off the road as I could and put on my hazard lights while Linda called 9-1-1. Someone pulled the trucker from the truck.


The winds continued throughout our drive across Oklahoma into Texas. By the time we hit New Mexico the temperature dropped from the mid-60s to the low 20-s. I was ready to turn around and go back.


But instead I am just like Paul Revere. I keep pressing onward. Through rain and wind and sleet and snow, all in an effort to be the messenger.

oklahoma2009-012Thankfully, I have Sister Tater to keep me good company and entertain me along the way. Plus, she’s pretty handy with a cell phone during those unexpected emergencies.

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